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When it comes to Medical CNC Machining, Lindel Engineering is top of its class. Lindel helps numerous clients make large strides in and through their niche industries. We CNC machine medical equipment, devices, surgical tools and more for businesses across the nation.


With 40+ years of combined experience in Aerospace CNC Machining, Lindel Engineering is the company you can trust. Our machinists have manufactured everything from satellite components to flapper-control parts. Our products are literally out of this world.


Lindel Engineering uses state-of-the-art software and equipment to produce a perfect product in our advanced CNC machine shop. We know your product is a representation of who you are, and we won't let anything less than perfect make it into your hands.


With our forward-thinking approach, Lindel Engineering can complete your most challenging CNC machining projects. No problem in design is too big or too small for us. Ask us how we can help specialize in your short-run production and prototyping.


Lindel Engineering is your precision CNC machinist in Tucson and nationwide. We accomplish our standards by using the most advanced equipment and processes, following the ISO 9001:2015 and AAS9100C standards.


Lindel Engineering is the leading CNC Machinist in specialized non-ferrous and exotic materials like: Aluminum, copper, brass, red metals, titanium and more. We are also well versed in CNC Machining plastics like DelrinR, PVC, UHWM and more.


The package of parts Lindel made for us were very high quality. We liked them very much and will keep them in mind when we have new requirements for machined parts.

The parts looked great and assembled well. Other engineers I work with here have similar comments.

We are very happy with Lindel’s quality and delivery

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For over 30 years, Lindel precision CNC Machining has been dedicated to providing quality CNC machined parts. We have served all areas and industries, from medical applications to aerospace engineering. We are the partner you can trust for all your needs and will help through every phase of the process.

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